About Me

Follow me and my Artistic Journey towards reaching my dreams!

I’m a small Artist that goes by Blushinmoon! My art is a passion I hold dear to my heart and soul, revolving around the comforts of fantasy and dreamy aesthetic colors along with all things cute. It’s my hope and dream that I can one day make a sustainable living off of what I love to do most.

When I began to take it seriously…

Ever since I could remember I was always an avid doodler. To this day I still adore to draw and doodle, they fill up most of my sketchbooks and have inspired some of my illustrated pieces. I do a little bit of art every day, it’s dissatisfying when I don’t. Art is my devotion, it occupies much of my time and is my go-to entertainment. “Art” has changed my life for the better and helped me cope through difficult times. I never truly knew how much it meant to me until Career Day in 7th Grade, when my Literature teacher’s son came in to present. His name was Horacio Hall, and he spoke of all the art around us, architecture, shoes, clothes, books, and more. I was fascinated, my art could be something more than I thought. He showed us his works, and talked about his comics, art, and story. That day I knew what I wanted to be: A Comic Book Artist. From that day forward I took the necessary steps to become an artist. I applied for an Art Magnet High school and drew every day, even if I was tired or unmotivated, I was happy to draw at all. I drew anything from comics, to real people, maybe animals and occasional landscapes, even so doodling always came as my one true love.