2018 Columbus Day Regatta Weekend

The official Annual Columbus Day Regatta in Biscayne Bay. celebrates the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the Americas.At Elliot Key has to be one of the largest boating events in South Florida as well as the Miami area. Navigate to the following coordinates 25.4397° N, 80.2001° W and enjoy the weekend.

 Columbus Day Regatta Weekend

Legendary Fun, Visual Excitement, a time to just let loose! Come shed your inhibitions at this annual Columbus Day Regatta Weekend. Come early to unwind, bring Ice Guns, Inflatables, Music, Whistles, Horns, Party Beads & lots of RUM! Get your Pirate on and enjoy this annual tradition. Remember to NOT post your most exciting pictures, they are saved for memories!!! PLEASE LEAVE THE KIDS AT HOME!

Once a year boaters, swimmers and ocean lovers gather in Florida’s Biscayne Bay to celebrate the Columbus Day weekend on the water while enjoying the view and incredible ocean air. Enjoy many incredible photographs and videos of this event on this page known as the Columbus Day Regatta Weekend.









Where are you going to be next weekend? Mark your calendars and row, row, row, your boat. 2018 Columbus Day in Biscayne Bay


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